Peer Recovery Update

Hey Fellow Peers!

Join Mike and I for our Live Peer Recovery Connect Facebook Group Launch! Once you join the group you will have access to our live discussions. We are also looking for moderators and other roles to join in and e a part of the administrative team.

Our work as Peer Support Specialist around NJ is needed and the helpers need help too! We wanted to find a way to connect that was most impactful for you. 

We know that we all have so much to bring to the table and by connecting to our Peer Recovery Connection Facebook group we will all have a voice! We can share, develop, and demonstrate creative ways to help each other and the populations we serve. One of the great things about our live discussions is the ability to replay or yep because it’s live….join in on the conversation. This mode of sharing and communication will provide an opportunity to highlight the work we do and our voices plus we get to engage with one another to create or generate ideas for best practices. 

We can even swap out ideas and in exchange, support one another’s motivation, virtual or in person events when feasible. The collective skill sets shared and creative planning will help strengthen our ability both professionally and personally in our journey. You can join in or replay at your leisure. 

Mike and I look forward to you guys joining us every 4th Saturday at 11am Live on Facebook at the Peer Recovery Connect Group hosted by New Jersey Addiction Professional Association (NJAPA). We are excited and thank you all in advance.

In Service,

NJAPA Peer Recovery Connect Committee  (Facebook Link)